Sunday, December 14, 2008

West Yellowstone Race Pics and Report

Katie Ronsee snapped some pictures of the CXC Train getting ready to start the 8km Freestyle race. Check out her blog for more pictures from West. Also check out this YouTube video from the skate race. I am not in the video but you can see most of my CXC teammates. The final kilometer of the race was up a good steep climb. Combined with an elevation of over 7500' it was a tough last few minutes. Prior to the races Kuzzy and I did intervals up the climb. We didn't know what the course would be but I think it was a real advantage knowing how to ski that hill.

CXC Train

Ready to Go

Photo from Ian Harvey and Toko USA

West Yellowstone SuperTour Women's 8.5km Freestyle from FasterSkier on Vimeo.

Thanks for the pictures Ian and Katie and the videos YouTube and

Classic Results

Skate Results

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