Friday, February 5, 2016

Stowe Nordic BKL Practice

One of my favorite recovery day activities is to get out and ski with the local junior program.  With a rest day on Tuesday I joined up with the Stowe Nordic crew for practice.  It is fun to be in Vermont and explore some ski trails I have never skied before.  Many strong skiers come out of Vermont and programs like the one here at Stowe Nordic are the responsible parties.  I loaded my car at the hotel with my skis but as I looked around at the green grass I certainly debated how practice would be.  The groomers scratched up some great skiing for us and we had a great time.  Variable conditions may not be the most fun to ski in, but they make you tough and they make you a stronger skiing as you learn how to adapt technically and mentally.

Excited to head out for ski practice

Dialing in some technique imagery 
After a fantastic winter last year, this years low snow conditions can get you down, these guys didn't mind and made the most of thin conditions with big smiles.

Stowe Nordic Bill Koch League group

Balance is key to nordic skiing and pulling off a successful 'Back Scratcher' on the downhill.

Jackson, practicing getting forward with a chariot pull

Find the edge, find the power, get forward!

No pole skiing
Working on turns and space awareness

Celebrating a fun practice with smores!