Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Best race this Season, Almost a sub-60 FIS Point race

With the Whistler Nor/Am's moved to Silver Star, BC there was a small change to the races. Instead of a 20km pursuit race on Thursday (racers ski 10km classic, switch equipment, and race 10km skate) the race was a 20km mass start freestyle, my favorite.
CXC Men in Black relaxing near the back of the lead pack

My mom and dad arrived on Wednesday night after a short 5 hour drive from where I grew up in Washington State. I seem to race better when they are on the course cheering. I woke up feeling fresh and good to a beautiful cold sunny day. It was so nice out that I spent a good portion of my morning jog just taking pictures.

The race started at 1:00pm and it was a large pack for the first 10km of the race. There were several crashes around me. There were a few skiers in the group who did not ski very smoothly with others and were the cause of the majority of the crashes. Luckily I stayed out of trouble and relaxed near the back of the group.

Men's Start

With 7.5km to go things started spreading out and I moved up into 3rd position. I became a bit too excited as we climbed to the top of the course and found myself not skiing relaxed enough to maintain the pace. I dropped to the back of the lead group. While I was at the back of the group I saw an attack forming off the front, but I could not quite push my body to stay with the group.

Brent McMurtry and I trailed the main group by 50 meters going into the final 2.5km. I relaxed behind Brent and attempted to make a few pulls, but Brent always came back around me after only a few seconds. Looking back on one of the uphills I could see my teammate Garrott Kuzzy leading a pack of other skiers and closing in on us.

Men's Finish

I crossed the line in 8th, Garrott Kuzzy 10th and Bryan Cook 14th for a solid day for the CXC men's team. One of my goals for a long time is to have a sub 60 FIS point race. Races are scored based on who finishes in the top 5 and how far you finish from the winner. On Thursday I earned 60.46 FIS points...getting closer.

Caitlin On Top of the Podium

The CXC women had a strong day as well. Caitlin Compton powered to a 27second victory and Kristina Owen finished strong in 13th, Johanna Winters in 17th, Maria Stuber in 21st, and Heather Zimmerman in 24th.

Men's Results
Women's Results

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