Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thowback Camp and Summer Routine

Caitlin and I kicked off June with a throwback camp in Hayward, Wisconsin at Cresthill Resort.  I would estimate that I have trained 3000+ hours out of Cresthill and have many great memories of the multitudes of workout options out the front door.  I lived in Cabin A with Garrott Kuzzy at Cresthill for 5 years when I moved to the Midwest from Alaska and enjoy any and every opportunity to be back at the resort and connect with my friends and the owners Scott and Kay Wilson.  Scott and Kay stepped up when our earlier housing arrangements. 

Road Ride from the Resort with Dennis, Scott and Caitlin.
Many of great training days have begun and ended at this table overlooking Lake Placid.  

One of my favorite sections of road with water on both sides winding through the Tiger Cat flowage
I have training on Marwe rollerskis my entire professional career and thanks to the good folks at Finn Sisu Caitlin and I have multiple speed options.  We are able to adjust the wheel speed and add weight vests to make it possible to train together which sure is nice for 30 hour weeks.  

Lahti put in his largest volume block of his life and has been taking his recovery seriously
During my volume block I only had one intensity session, a 13.1 mile threshold training run at 6:00/mile pace.  We joined Team Nicole Coaching's running camp for the workout.  The pace was on the fast end of threshold for me, but I had fun pacing or rather being paced by my friend Craig Cardinal who is gearing up for Grandmas Marathon.

Fruitshare Pears and Blood Oranges

The Boys and Girls Club is now open for summer which means even more kids for Run Club!  Apples and Oranges are still favorites, but thanks Fruitshare for pear day to kick off the summer session. 
Traveling much less and training more from home has been a blast.  We even enjoyed our first concert together with a Wednesday night trip to the Target Center to see Macklemore.  It is good to actually take advantage of being a 10 minute bike ride from downtown.