Sunday, August 24, 2014

Back in the Game

In Denver I had two plane tickets: one to Reno, NV and one to Minneapolis, MN.  Thankfully Southwest lets you change or cancel up to ten minutes before departure.  My energy has been a little low after Alaska and the increased volume training so far this summer.  We decided to split Team Gregg up so that I could focus on some interval work and recovery and low elevation and Caitlin could put in a bit more volume and load at high elevation.

Another great benefit to being at home is the chance to easily work with the kids.  This week I did a visit with the YMCA in New Hope, MN.  My visit was organized through Team for Tomorrow a campaign by the US Olympic Committee.  I really enjoy sharing the Olympic values of respect, friendship, and excellence.  I know what it is like to be one of those kids hearing the stories and magic of the Olympics and it is fun to share my story.  I really like sharing how much my friends and families made this dream of mine possible and how much fun it is to be able to really thank my friends and supporters for my successes.  They kids really like the photo of my twin brother in the Closing Ceremonies uniform and the family decked out with Olympic swag.  We talked about the importance of sharing your goals with others, plus encouraging and supporting each other.

We had about 120 kids so we broke in to groups of 25 for some playground time.  We set up a monster obstacle course and practiced on each challenge before timing the group as a team to compare with the other groups.

Hula Hoop Rock/Lava Jumps to the Spider Web
I cut my volume down a lot this week from 28-30 hours to about 15 hours.  It feels great to have such short training sessions and I have been able to go quite a bit harder and faster.  I had several pretty slow interval days before Colorado and I was concerned that I was becoming a bit over trained/under rested.  It is great to be back in the game.  I have found that it takes me almost a week to fully recover from these 3 week volume blocks and it is good to see that I actually can.

I have missed Caitlin's cooking.  
Mine doesn't taste nearly as good but I am proud of these pineapple beef tacos.

My new K2 skates came for the North Shore Inline Marathon
It is always important to try new things in training and racing.  Not only mentally but also so that you can continue to challenge your body.  I am excited to be competing in the Inline Marathon National Championships as part of the North Shore Inline Marathon on September 13th.

A great Twin Cities crew for a 15 mile trail run in Wirth Park.  KJ, Karl, Chambo, and Liebsch

Monday, August 11, 2014

Fagerquist/Mannix Wedding

A great time with friends new and old this weekend in Crested Butte, CO for Taz and Casey's wedding.  Thanks guys for getting married, and thanks for selecting Crested Butte for the celebration.  I haven't been back in the Gunnison Valley since college and this was my first summer trip.

Some people make you a better person when you are around them.  Casey is one of those people to me.  I have know him for over ten years and we skied and studied business together at the University of Alaska Anchorage.  I spent most of my early college years studying, training, and working.  Casey was  responsible for getting me out to play and we have had countless adventures together including climbing Denali.  

I have always believed that you really get to know someone when you have just about broken them.  You find out what kind of person someone is when you are both exhausted, hungry and cold.  Casey is one of those guys who can keep you smiling and laughing even when things are bad.  I remember making the mistake during an 80 mile mountain bike from Hope to Seward, the last 30 miles of trail hadn't been maintained for over 10 years and was overgrown with devils club.  I have always looked up to Casey.  

Hanging out with Taz and Casey brings me a ton of energy and I am so happy for them.  

Wedding Party Selfie

Thanks LL Bean for not only making great technical wear but making Caitlin look even more beautiful in her new dress and boots.

Mt. Crested Butte Summit, a new elevation high for Caitlin

Working on the weaknesses of walking lunges and getting pretty good.

Coaching my FAST Kids pod through the streets near Wirth Park.  Same roads I use for my own training