Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Nice Day at Home

Today was a relaxing and productive day at home for me. Tilly got me out the door for a short run in the morning. She is 14 now and can't run very long but she is just as excited to start as when she was a puppy. When we got back to the front Lieta was inside turning over a pan of fresh Carmel Rolls. This is her first Christmas away from her immediate family and carmel rolls are a Gustafsson tradition on Christmas morning. She wanted to have a practice run. I was more than happy to help in the testing. Mom, Dad, and I decided to ski in the afternoon so I had the morning off. Mark and Nordic Ultratune just ground several pairs of skis so I turned on the hot box and started an assembly line. The Gregg's have a lot of skis. I waxed over 20 pairs (although more than half were my own).

Tilly, Ready to go

Liet and the practice rolls, they were delicious...
but maybe we should practice once more before Christmas, I will help test them

Wax Room

Mom's New Mask

I have been skiing the Rendezvous trails the last few days which means moslty up and then mostly down. Today mom' came up with a thoughtful way to stay warm when you don't have any more clothes for the trip back down


Anonymous said...

Hey, Brian how are you doing. I'm going skiing today. Have a nice day. 1/3/09
this is Brandon Corbine

Brian Gregg said...

Hey Brandon,

Have fun out skiing. I am jealous. It is really really cold here in Alaska. It is so cold that the races have been delayed. I am really excited to race and hope it warms up soon.