Sunday, May 29, 2011

Brian and Caitlin Gregg Wedding Slideshow

A perfect event thanks to the help of an entire community, friends and family.

Party on the Mountain on PhotoPeach

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A new town and new faces

In the next month I will be moving to Minneapolis, MN. I will still get to see everyone at the 'LCO Club' while I am in town for training camps, but I am also meeting a whole new group at the Boys and Girls Club in North Minneapolis.

Devontre after setting a record in the obstacle course
at the park in front of the Boys and Girls Club

Yes, that is one huge dog. Getting ready to start a chess and mankala tournament
after Power Hour and Homework time.

The Gerry Gamble Boys and Girls Club is just a mile up the street from Caitlin and my new house. It is fun to talk to the kids about the neighborhood and realized that they live practically right next door. I am still learning names and faces while I build my street 'cred' at the new 'Club.' I am already thinking about how we can get the city kids up to Hayward to visit the LCO Club and the north woods. Similarly it would be fun to give the LCO kids a chance to experience life in the city.

I will still be up north in Hayward quite a bit for training camps.