Sunday, July 18, 2010

Canoeing to Disney World

Mondays and Wednesday afternoons are special days at 'The Club,' we get to go canoeing on the Namekogon River. Many of the kids have experienced canoeing in the fall on the lakes surrounding the club, but that doesn't even compare to the experience of canoing down a river which eventually reaches the Gulf of Mexico. We have been going for the 3-4 hour afternoon float but I am already looking forward to the first kid who follows their dream of canoeing to Disney World.
The Boats more than ready to go. Thanks Mario for catching the escapee.

The girls were in a canoe for the first time ever and although they flipped several times they wore some big smiles by the end of the day.

At the halfway point we take a little snack and swim break.

Shaylena, Cheyenne, and Me full speed ahead

Kiera and Shana enjoying summertime

A canoe trip down river requires many more logistical challenges than lake canoeing. Thankfully we have had the additional support of community volunteers and our summer teen staff to make it happen. Thanks especially to my sister Tara, who was in town visiting and joined us for the day. Kiera and Shana had a great time sharing a boat with you sis. I have witnessed the kids talking about a lot of big ideas and dreams while we are out on the river and it makes me smile. The Namekogan flows into the Saint Croix River which makes its way to the Mississippi river, there is a lot of river to explore and adventures to be had.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

We're Going to Valley Fair!

'We are going to Valley Fair!' The kids have been talking about it since April. The weather was beautiful and everyone was up early for the big 'Club Trip of the Month.' Over 40 kids packed into the school bus at 6:45am for the drive to Minnesota's best amusement park Valley Fair.
Shana, Michela, Paige, Soriah, Kiera, and Brandon up early and exited for the trip. It is a long 4 hours on the bus to Valley Fair when you have so much energy. Thankfully my brother Chad helped provide me with plenty of riddles and car games to keep everyone thinking throughout the trip.
Cheyenne, Shaylena and Aaron ready to get wet on the log ride
My group The Blue Eagles spent most of our time on the water rides and in the water park. My clothes were soaked after the first ride and pretty much stayed that way until we loaded back on the bus.

Valley Fair is Fun, but now I am tired. The entire bus pretty much took a quick nap before it was time to stop at McDonalds for dinner and a game of tag.