Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Cookie Tradition

As long as I can remember my brother, sister and I have gone over to Ardis' house to become elves. We decorate a serious amount of cookies. I am a bit afraid to ever count the cookies, because I feel like I eat the majority of them, way more than is healthy. To give you some idea of how many there are, Ardis' has everything ready to go and we usually decorate for a good 2.5 hours. Each year there is a bit of a contest to see who can make the coolest and the ugliest cookie. I usually win one of the competitions.

It is also a bit of a tradition for me to eat so many of them that I get rather sick. This year I was feeling a bit ill before we decorated and presently I am good and healthy. It is taking a lot of self control to stay away from the big box of cookies though. There are gingerbread and sugar cookies decorated with an almond frosting. Yum. Merry Christmas.

Albino Reindeer

Tara, Chad, Ardis, Alieta

This might be half of the collection


Kate Whitcomb said...

Hi Brian,

Merry Christmas, Holidays and New Year back. I am old-school (aka not so savvy when it comes to computers)so that is not a gadget but an old fashion jpg that I created on Photoshop. I just make an addition in yellow each time I move - If you find an easier way, please, let me know!

Yum, great decorating job! I want to see a picture of the ugliest!

See you in AK soon!

Bob said...

Hey Brian,
Merry Christmas and Happy Skiing! The Clubbers are going to try their hand at decorating cookies today. I imagine that they would be somewhat competitive in at least one of your categories.? Happy Tuesday! Bob

Brian Gregg said...

I am glad to see the competitive spirit is out there Bob. How is the ice skating rink? I am really looking forward to trying it out soon.

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