Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring at 'The Club'

It is great to be back in Hayward, WI. I have spent the better parts of the last two months traveling, racing, training, and relaxing in Ontario, Alaska, and Hawaii. My first afternoon at the 'Club' we went on a hike. It felt really strange that the last time I was at the Club we skied on the same trails.

Training just once a day has been great, allowing me to be at 'The Club' everyday of the week. There were many times I wish I had my camera but didn't.

Double Decker Swinging

Shana, Bernice, Hilayna at the Spring Book Fair

Twister. The kids have way better flexibility that I do.

It's OK to yell on this Bus

Getting excited for the Run Series

Ready, Set, Go

A number of us chose to run the 2-mile. Congratulations: Trinity, Shaylena, Asile, Nimmer, Joey and the others

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tin Can Mountain

There is a great group of cross country skiers who stuck around after the week of racing in Fairbanks. 11 of us went out to enjoy a beautiful day on Turnagain Pass. Including fellow In The Arena Athlete Torin Koos, check out his blog for some excellent pictures. The last three days have been great skiing, but Tin Can has been the best.

Andre with Tin Can in the background

Can't wait to go down

I miss Alaska

Lars Checking Out the View


Watt Post Flight.
We are heading back to play in the trees/pillows on Saturday


Night Skiing

Alaska is my favorite place to be in the spring. The snow is great, my fitness is near it's peak, my schedule is open to play, and it is light until 10:00pm. We have been trying to get out early to ski everyday but it takes a while to get equipment sorted out for everyone. Luckily we can still ski late in the day.

Waist deep POW

Torin and Lars Climbing out of a bowl in Artic Valley.

Low Grade but Awesome Snow

8:15pm and leaving the car to go ski Peak 3

Andre and the 2010 Black Diamond Justices

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Recovery Time

Many skiers take some time off in April to relax and recover in preparation for the next season. This is a very important part of the training year. Professional cross country skiing requires year round training and a lot of focus. It is important to let your mind recover in preparation for another year of hard work. The best way for me to recover is play in the mountains. I am looking forward to a few weeks traveling and enjoying the activites that I don't get to do very often. Andre Watt and I are staying with Pat Stinson for a week of telemark skiing in the backcountry of Alaska.

Driving Pat's sweet VW van to catch the first tram Monday morning at Alyeska Resort. I usually prefer to ski in the back country, but a day of lift service on a foot of powder is a real treat. We skied from the first lift at 10:30 to the last lift at 5:30.

Andre Dropping into Christmas Chute

Andre was trying to teach me to fly (small dot in center)

It didn't work, but it was still awesome

Dropiing from powder pillow to pillow


US Distance Nationals

The final week of racing was a big one up in Fairbanks, AK. The races were held at night and the men always competed after the ladies so I don't have many pictures. The week started poorly. Leaving the gate at the start of the 10km classic race the starting wand hit my pole and snapped it. I tried to relax and race hard once I got a new pole a few hundred meters down the trail, but the race was a struggle. I was afraid that is would be a long week. The week turned around the next day with the Team Sprint. Matt and I teamed up and won our semi-final and finished 6th in the Final. CXC had two podiums in the team sprint too. I had a great skate portion of the pursuit race making up a lot of time that I lost in the classic by skiing the second fastest skate time of the day. In the final event the 50km classic race I skied a solid race and was happy to finish in the top 20 in 18th. I feel that it has been a great season and I am looking forward to taking some time off from cross country skiing to enjoy some of my other favorite activities.

I apologize for the poor pictures from US Nationals, It was pretty dark when the races finished.

Maria and Caitlin took 2nd in the Team Sprint

Women's Team Sprint Podium

Men's Team Sprint Podium

Prepping skis for the week (Kuzzy Photo). Thankfully we had the support of Bryan Fish, Wayne Fish and Bill Pierce which meant we had great skis. Thanks Guys

Results for the week were done by Summit Timing:

US National 30/50km Classical

US National 15/30km Pursuit

US National Team Sprint

US National 5/10k Classic