Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

So I was planning to go as a Scott for halloween this year but our Scottish roommate has been MIA the past few weeks and I felt a bit awkward rummaging around in his room for a skirt. So I decided to go as a Moose. I danced into the LCO cafeteria after school on Wednesday in my full moose getup only to look around and see that I was the only one in a costume. I felt a bit awkward, but the kids were way into it. Thanks Heather for letting me use your moose hat. I even turned my brown Toko hat into a tail although I don't think anyone noticed. When the carnival started at 5:00 there were lots of people in costumes. I was in charge of ghost darts and had a solid line of kids all night long. Whoever was counting calculated that there were around 500 kids at the carnival.

Over 30 Games were set up in the Gym and Cafeteria for the LCO School Carnival

The night was so busy that I forgot to take many pictures. Luckily Kuzzy snapped this one of me getting ready to write a post. Tonight we went and did a little trick or treating before pizza at the Ideal Market. Donovan and Kuzzy were hunters and I was a moose.


I haven't posted much about training in the past few weeks, but that doesn't mean we aren't getting after it. Last week was a 22 hour week with a lot of rain so not many good pictures. Next week will be another big one. I really enjoy skiing by the larch trees because it makes me feel like I am in an alpine environment. The only larch trees back in WA are alpine larch which only grow up high.


This time of year we are spending a lot of time on the County Road OO climbs.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dagwaagig Run Series Final Day

It was a cold day on Wednesday but that didn't stop over 40 kids, parents, and community members from running or walking the final event of the Dagwaagig (Fall) Run Series. The 6 week run series has offered a 1 and 2 mile option for participants, but this last week everyone completed 2 miles. The final day was celebrated with a feast and awards in the gymnasium. Runners who participated in at least 4 of the runs received either a sweatshirt or tshirt. Few things feel better after a nice run than the soft fuzzy fabric of a new sweatshirt. The weather is getting cooler and it is time to dress a bit warmer if we are going to go play outside. It won't be long before we are making ski tracks and enjoying the Club's outdoor ice rink.

Jazzy and I practicing our form and getting ready to run fast

Hailey, Paige, Sam and I enjoying an after-school snack and working on home work

Friday, October 10, 2008

Canoeing and Movie Fridays

At the end of August I went on my first real canoe trip. I joined a few friends and went to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area for four days. I had canoed a few times before, but the trip was the first time I realized how great canoeing is in the Midwest. There are so many lakes to explore.

Fridays are canoe and movie night at the Boys and Girls Club. Canoeing has really been a popular activity. When I joined the kids the van was full and we filled all 8 canoes with 3 people in each.

Shaylina captaining and steering the boat. We were the crazy boat for a while traveling in zig-zags but once she got the hang of it we navigated flawlessly.

Leon and I looking for wildlife on Green Lake.
We saw two bald eagles, a turtle, and several beaver lodges.

It is pretty late in the year for lilly pad flowers, but this one was hanging tough.
Green Lake was a lot of fun.

We are all looking forward to exploring a new lake this Friday. I have the Flip Video camera working now so hopefully we will get some good clips. It is starting to get cold out so hopefully no one tips a canoe.