Sunday, December 20, 2009

Back in Washington for Christmas

The first period of racing is complete for me and I drove down with my family for two weeks of training at my other 'home' in the Methow Valley. Driving up the valley, snow conditions were pretty sad and thin. Thankfully fresh snow fell overnight and although coverage is thin skiing has been great.
Caitlin and Hons waxing up the boards

One of my favortie things about visiting home is skiing and catching up with friends. Caitlin decided to stay in the Pacific Northwest between Silver Star and US Nationals and has been an excellent training partner. I have also really enjoyed skiing with my good friend and climbing partner, Hons.

Fresh Tracks

We even saw a Reindeer out on the trail (my brother)

The Methow Valley Nordic Camp was held this weekend. One of the best technique camps/clinics in the country. I have coached at the clinic before, but opted out this year in order to finish up a good volume block of training. My brother, Chad helped out with Ski Patrol and I matched many of my workouts to ski around with him. I always enjoyed getting on the trails and skiing around looking for 'someone who looks like me, with reindeer antlers and an orange vest.' That hat, and my brother are awesome.

It feels great to train hard and be in one place for more than a few days

Tara, Simon, Me and Caitlin

Last night we enjoyed a community theater presentation of 'It's A Wonderful Life.' The play is great and going dressed up made it even more fun. Thanks Sis for some excellent curry and thank you Tim for the tickets.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The last 5 weeks I have been very focused in my training, racing and recovery. The races in West Yellowstone were a strong start to the season, and I felt even better about my performances in Bozeman. No spotlight races, but very consistent across distance, sprint, classic and skate which has been a major goal of mine the past few years. We are now up in Silver Star, BC getting ready for this weekends NorAm. All of the non-World Cup skiers from North American are here. It will be a highly competitive race. It is my understanding that for the Canadians, the winner of the race earns a spot on the Olympic Team. After a good hard day of intervals in the morning and strength in the afternoon on Wednesday, today was a recovery day. Matt, Karl and I went for a long circumnavigation ski adventure of the Silver Star and Sovereign Lake Trails.

Today was a warm day at 10F. It is nice to wax inside and Matt is excited to try his new Nordic Ultratune XC02

We can get on the trails right from the door to our condo.

3 inches of fresh powder turned us into downhill skiers

Silver Star allows you a few trips up the chair lift.
Normally I prefer to ski up the hill, but today was a recovery day and it was nice to gain the vertical

Matt, Karl, and I enjoying Alder Point. A beautiful spot even on a cloudy day

We finished our 3 hour ski by skiing down main street which is actually a groomed ski trail. This town really is a skier's paradise. I really wish I had brought some money to hit up the Bugaboo Bakery