Sunday, June 14, 2015

Live High Train Low

Tomorrow I head home to Minneapolis after nearly 5 weeks of living at 8,200 feet.  I have had some of my most focused training since the Olympics and it has been great.  I haven't been moving super quick since I have been training high but I have been absorbing the training well and I think it will set me up for a strong racing season this winter.  I have been able to push the volume and recover well with the ability to focus nearly 100% on training.  I am looking forward to coming home, but it sure is nice to be away from the many distractions of home.

Me, Blair and Caitlin after speaking at the ACIST sales meeting in Chicago
Caitlin and I took a quick trip to Chicago for our rest day to speak with the ACIST sales team.  We have shared our story often and incorporated goal setting, working hard, working smart and working consistently however this was our first presentation to a group of adult professionals.  We had a great time with Team ACIST and took advantage of a day at sea level for a hard track workout.  We were able to run to the track in 20 minutes on the crushed limestone path outside our hotel.
8 x 800 m at 2:30 pace
This trip is the first one we have taken in a long time without two 50-70lb bags each.  It sure is nice to travel with only a carry on.  

Leading the Team Soldier Hollow junior crew for their Saturday distance session
Last fall I did an open ski for juniors prior to the first Super Tour of the year in West Yellowstone, MT.  Many of the kids were from the Soldier Hollow ski team.  Caitlin and I led a distance ski walk session with the junior team on Saturday.  Their coach and our friend Morgan Smyth just had knee surgery and is recovering.  Morgan has been pretty creative with the kids, driving a golf cart to coach them on the roller ski workout and meeting us before the hike for some drills in the parking lot.

Enjoying the view from the top!
Where's the snow?
I am excited to see our dog Lahti tomorrow and return to the house.  Next week is my second super volume week of the year and it will be fun to explore my favorite routes around the Twin Cities.