Monday, May 19, 2014


The LL Bean Tote Bag: The bag where the good stuff goes
I am excited to announce a partnership between LL Bean and In The Arena.  LL Bean has been equipping adventurers heading outdoors to play since 1912.  A huge part of our goal with In The Arena is healthy active living and we are excited to have the support of LL Bean.

The Boys and Girls Club crew were pretty excited to see this week's Run Club apples arrive in a custom In The Arena - LL Bean Tote.  The tote bag has been an LL Bean signature as long as I can remember.  We have had one at home for a while that is awesome.  Big and strong it can holds loads small or large.

Speaking with 200 Elementary school students in Hawarden, Iowa
One of the best parts of being at Olympian has been coming back and sharing the story of setting that goal at Age 15 and the subsequent Road to Sochi.  A highlight of my day in Russia was reading my email filled with notes form friends, family and school kids who were following the Games.  I promised this group in my Dad's hometown of Hawarden, Iowa that I would come visit when I made it back to the States.

Some excited kids to get a chance to shake hands with two Olympians
Hot team before your workout in a mug that keeps in hot until you finish 2+ hours later
Training Season has begun for the 2015 World Championships