Monday, June 27, 2011

5km PR!

It has been a whirlwind last two months. Moving, buying a fixer upper house, and getting married has proven to be a bit of a distraction on my otherwise consistant and solid training. The wedding celebration is now complete and we now have a fully functioning house.

The shower was our last major repair. It is hard to realize the importance of a shower, until you don't have one. Thanks to Kevin, Evan and Matt I was able to use their knowledge to get everything leak free and looking good.

Saturday marked my annual June running assesment at the Musky Fest 5k. My performances in this race have come a long ways. From a 17:05 in my first one to last years 16:04. I was pretty nervous about the race because I haven't done nearly as much running or running intervals. Plus all the distractions in my life have certainly impacted my training. Thankfully I have a very smart wife and coaches. They have helped me coordinate my training so that I am training smart, albeit slightly less than normal.

When I have been traiing it has been very good. This must have all paid off, because I set a Personal Best by running 2 seconds faster than last year. I am super excited about this. I think this married life is good for me. I am now undefeated in every race I have done with a ring on my left hand.

Watch for the next blog post, Chad and I are off to go see the polar bears for our golden birthday.

Thursday, June 9, 2011