Sunday, April 17, 2016

Spring Break: Alaska and Run Club

I have been enjoying a little break from my athletic training and enjoying some fun in the civic arena.

Check out this video recap of our trip to teach skiing in Noorvik, Alaska

This year Caitlin stayed in Minneapolis while I taught skiing in Alaska so that we could have the consistency at Run Club practice.  Rain and cold had kept Run Club practice inside, so the kids have been super excited about the warm and dry weather this week so that we can run outside.

Lining up for Run Club
A few years ago we skied in the Twin Cities metro on April 15th, this year Spring arrived early
We again have some fantastic sponsors to help motivate us to reach our daily, weekly and season goals at Run Club.  LL Bean has provided a shopping spree for the top 3 boys and top 3 girls mileage runner.  Caitlin and I are excited for the field trip to LL Bean at their Mall of America store at the end of the school year.  FruitShare has provided delicious healthy snacks of organic oranges, apples, clementines and tangelos.  Kids earn their choice of fruit for completing the daily Run Club mileage goal.   LL Bean has also provided water bottles which the kids earn after accumulating 10 miles at practice.  Thanks LL Bean and Fruitshare for the support.
Lebron is proud to be the first kid to earn his LL Bean water bottle for accumulating 10 miles of running this Spring.  

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring Break in Alaska

The ski race season is complete.  Overall the season went well, although my last three races were  poor performances.  Some recovery time has certainly been in order.  My ideal recovery this year has been the chance to come home to Minneapolis and have some relaxed time at home.  It has been super nice to spring clean, relax and organize.  Plus, we have had a few home projects on our to do lists for a while.  Thankfully after serval days of easy jogs with Lahti and Caitlin I have been feeling more energetic and antsy.  I flew up to Alaska on Friday evening for a week of teaching skiing in Noorvik, Alaska with NanaNordic.  We departed for the village on Sunday which left Saturday to play.  We hoped in to the Alaska Skimeister race, a local downhill ski, cross country ski, fat bike race.  I had a blast.  Although my body has been tired, I still absolutely love to any kind of race.

Slushy conditions at the start of the bike leg meant that pushing the bike up the big hill was faster than riding.

Twin brother back in Alaska

All smiles as we land in Kotzebue.  Pretty fun to get back to winter 30 miles north of the artic circle

My first trip to teach skiing with NanaNordic was to Kotzebue 3 years ago.  We had a 7 hour layover in town.  Of course we skied all around town.
On snow with the 2nd Graders in Noorvik, Alaska
On my first trip to the artic we finished with a ski from Kotzebue to Noorvik.  About 42 miles and a strong headwind made for a long day.  It is nice to arrive in Noorvik much fresher and to get a chance to spend some time in town and with the kids.

Conditions are perftect for skiing with fresh snow and temperatures just above freezing.

Enjoying the sunny days and blue sky

Skiing through the streets of town.  Who wants to ski to their house?

Stopping in at home for a quick pickle snack. 
We are on skis for over 8 hours each day and even still we have to tell the kids they have to go home at the end of the day.  I love it.  It is great to see that winter, snow and the passion for skiing is still strong up North.  The kids in Noorvik have been skiing now for 4 years and are quite good.  The trails and terrain around town make it an ideal place to ski.  Looking forward to tomorrow, but not before a solid nights sleep.