Sunday, August 30, 2009

Copper Falls State Park Trip

Which one is Brian?

We had a great trip to Copper Falls State Park. My twin brother joined me for the adventure. We had a good time switching up with kids. Late in the afternoon I shaved my beard and we both wore In The Arena shirts to make everyone really think.

10 of us took an Epic hike which included 2 miles of river hikining

Brandon, Me, and Sequia leading the charge

For a Twenty you won't have to go the long way
Actually Leroy was all about going for the full adventure. I brought my backpack to keep a few of our things dry. Including Leroy's cash.
The 'Epic Adventure' Group all went for a 3.5 hour hike.

Everyone had a great time hiking, swimming, and scrambling the big loop around the park. Thanks Chad for joining us. Also, thank you Becky for waiting for us to get back and having lunch ready for us. Hamburgers never tasted so delicious.

I pulled the photos above from my Flip Video. I will post the video tomorrow.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Long Trip Home

We had a great trip to the Haig Glacier with ideal conditions and great weather...Joel and Matt looking off at the French Glacier

Except our final day. We woke up early so that we could get in a quick ski before the 18km run back to the cars. When I opened my eyes and looked out the window I knew we would be sleeping in. The strobe of lightning made me nervous to walk from the bunk house to the dinning house. This meant no skiing, but more unfortunatly it meant the helicopter wouldn't be bringing our gear. Thankfully my friend Kit who was also on the Glacier lives in Canmore and let me spend a few days with him.

Kit about to enjoy our post glacier camp Ribs

The clouds hung low for several days and I had to miss my original flight back to the midwest. Thankfully I awoke to beautiful blue skies on Friday and was able to make it home for my Cousin's wedding.

Our skis and clothes are wrapped in these big nets for the helicopter to fly them to the glacier. 40 skiers have a lot of stuff so it took several trips.

This has been a busy week for me. Helping my brother get ready for his wedding. I will post pictures from our trip to Copper Falls State Park soon. Plus some picture from the wedding. I will be curious if you can tell Chad and I apart when we are all dressed up.

Chad, Brian or Bullwinkle?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mt Jellicoe (10,640) aka The Big Guy Above the Ski Trails

Our workouts have been very focused but one can't help but to look around at the awesome mountains. Mt. Jellicoe shades the ski trails in the early morning keeping them semi-firm. It is pretty wild contrast between skiing in the sun or the shade. We have been talking about climbing it all week but have been waiting for a good time. Each Day at Altitude Matt and I have been feeling better and better. Yesterday we tried a few threshold intervals and both of us felt the best we have all week. We kept them pretty relaxed and controlled testing just under 4mmol blood lactate for 8x5 minutes. Today we felt good after our morning over distance ski so decided to give it a go. John led us up the scramble for our afternoon workout. We had a great time. Although my legs are looking forward to a good stretch and roll, I think hiking mountains is my favorite mental recovery workout.


Our home every morning for the past week

This is a classic John smile. Thanks for taking us on a Canadian Rockies Adventure

The ridge is a fun scramble, but you don't want to drop off either side

Enjoying the Mountains

We made great time getting down the mountain by Glissading on the scree and snow

Taking a swim after a great week.