Monday, June 29, 2009

Treasure Hunt

Check the 'comments' for the clue

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Olympic Day June 23rd

The world celebrates the birth of the modern Olympics on Olympic Day, June 23rd. We celebrated at 'The Club by promoting the Olympic values and physical fitness. Tuesday was by far the hottest day of the summer so we spend most of our time indoors. We held our own track and field contests including a relay race around the gym, long jump, 50m dash, high jump, disc toss and softball toss. We talked about Chicago's bid for the summer Olympic Games in 2016. It would be pretty cool to have the greatest world stage for sports to be just 5 hours away. I also talked about my Olympic quest in cross country skiing and the importance of sportsmanship. It is fun to be back with the kids again after being in training camps and the Pacific Northwest the past six weeks

Adolfo, Dusty, Alex, Archie, Alana, Devon, Brian, Marie, Isaiah, Betty, Elianna and Paige

Devon, Kiera, and Adolfo

Devon and Dimitry getting ready for the relay

Adolfo, Archie, Devon and Me

Long Jump

Hailey working on her slip and slide Limbo

Sunday, June 21, 2009

CXC Team Joins Minnesota Youth Ski League in Marine on St. Croix, MN

The CXC Elite and Junior Teams have been in Marine, MN for a two week training camp. In an impressive showing the entire crew joined the Minnesota Youth Ski League group for some ski specific drills, fun games and some ice cream. One of the kids couldn't have done a better job describing the event, "Perfect Day, Perfect Day."

Kicking the soccer ball and playing the name game as people arrive. It was fun to have as many CXCers as youth so we all had to work hard to learn names. It didn't take long for the circle to get really big.

Working on lateral hops
Karl getting after it in the Bouncing Ball Relay

Dead Ant Tag. This game was a new one for me, but it is awesome. We will play it at 'The Club' soon. One monster is it and when they tag someone they have to lie on the ground with their feet and hands in the air. Two or more 'alive' ants can free them by picking them up and carrying them to one of several safe spots (marked by a jersey on the grass).


Obstacle Course