Thursday, September 24, 2009

Getting Lean

Sometimes you need to burn off a little extra fat. My most recent training partner and I have been working on this. After our September training camp I took advantage of a $59 Sun Country flight to Washington for my brother's second wedding. Pork is on the menu, we are down to one bag of food and the pig Chad and Alieta bought in the spring should feed about 140.

Pigs are intelligent animals and it is relatively easy to train them to walk, turn, and stop with a cane. Pork has a rather high fat content so taking a pig for a walk or run and leaning them up before they go to market can make a big difference.

Back in high school, the Gregg kids had a little known talent for raising, fitting, showing and selling hogs.

The pigs gained about 200 pounds in 4 months (photo from June 1)

Tara and I gave the newlyweds a RolyPig Composter to help ease the loss of the real pig. These things are pretty cool. Check out the demonstration video

Fall is a busy time of year for me, hence the lack of posts. The more serious and focused the workouts the fewer pictures I take. The wedding preparation and celebration is done now and training this week is relatively easy so more updates are coming soon.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

What does a cross country skier do in September?

I stopped by 'The Club' on friday and Kiera asked me when I would be back to stay for a while and hang out with her. What do I do when I am not at 'The Club'?'The Club' re-opened for the fall this week after the bi-annual two week closure for in-service. This week, all of my teammates are in town for our monthly training camp. The harder training of camp makes it so that I have only been able to stop by 'The Club' for a few minutes to say hello before taking off to meet my team for afternoon training.

When I am not at 'The Club' I am usually: running, biking, roller skiing or strength training. I am a ski racer and in order to be fast and improve I must train a lot. Sometimes, I work out 2-3 times a day and it takes all day. These are my hard days, on my easier days I may only train once or not at all and these are the days I am usually at 'The Club.'

My teammate Gus doing a strenth workout with 90lbs added to his waist.

That is the same weight or more that many of the kids at 'The Club.' Maybe I will try to do a pull up with you on my back next time we are at 'The Club.'

Waxing skis in September?

Skis are an important part of ski racing. I have over 10 pairs of skis. Athletes and coaches spend a lot of time on their skis. It is not unheard of for a pair of skis to have over $250 of wax put into them for a single race. Right now I am only working on my skis so that I can flex them and see how them compare to the new 2010 Salomon skis.

Kevin Johnson of Salomon USA flex testing skis

I am looking forward to being back at 'The Club' this fall. Unfortunatly I have some travel scheduled for the next few weeks so I won't be back at 'The Club' until October 10th. Still, I am excited for the trips. I am flying to Washington State tomorrow to visit my family and for my brother's wedding. My brother is a good person to have an adventure with and I will post some pictures of my trip.

After two weeks in Washington I fly to Lake Placid, NY for a 10 day training camp at the Olympic Training Center. I will post pictures and stories from my trip on this blog so keep checking for updates.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Flip Video from Copper Falls Hike

Check out the video from our adventures in and around Copper Falls State Park. Click the image above or click here.