Monday, December 22, 2008

Methow Valley Nordic Ski Camp

The last few days I have been a coach at the Methow Valley Nordic Ski Camp. The MV Nordic Club did a great job organizing a professional technique camp for skiers of all abilities. My groups ranged from 5-7 skiers and we really had some good dry land, on-shown and video analysis sessions.

Debbie, John, Me, and Robin getting ready for our afternoon session

This is the first year that I have been directly involved with the camp and it worked out really well. I was worried that the camp wouldn't really allow me the chance to train, but it would be hard on my body to be on my feet outside all day. I have had a bit of a cold from the end of last week. My health was at a point that I felt good enough to go out and ski, but not great while I was out training. My first interval session since the Silver Star races was on Thursday with the MV Junior Team. Sam Naney, Erik Bjornson and Trond Flagstad led the group in a hard interval 4*4min interval session on Thursday. The intervals were hard for be but I think they did a good job cleaning out my system.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I coached at the clinic which was more or less active recovery. I have a hard time taking it easy as I come back to training after not feeling well, and the camp offered the perfect distraction. I went out for a ski on my own Sunday afternoon and felt great.

Working on getting our hips forward by bending at the ankle

Chad capturing our technique on video

Tara, Video Station #2

The whole Gregg family was involved at the camp. I coached, Tara and Chad filmed, my Mom was on ski patrol, and my dad was the photographer. I will post the slide show my dad put together of the camp shortly.

The 120 person camp opened for registration in September and filled in 3 weeks. This is the premiere technique camp for skiers of all abilities. Check out the MV Nordic Club's web site at for more information.


Connor Beaulieu said...

yo brian it's connor from the lco boy's and girls club so how have you been? I hope to see you soon. happy holiday's

Brian Gregg said...

Hey Connor,
How are you? I heard you guys were making Christmas cookies at the club the other day. Did you decorate some cool ones? Have you been out skiing yet? I am looking forward to being in Hayward at the end of January. Happy Holidays

Anonymous said...

brian where are the videos when we were on the play ground

Brian Gregg said...

Click on the link below

Remember to sign your name at the bottom of your comment so I know who you are. Connor signed in so I can see his full name which is pretty cool. I am off for a ski now. Have a good afternoon.

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