Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I am out in Bend, Oregon for a ski camp this week. We ski on snow in the morning and train 'dryland' in the afternoon. Yesterday we tried a little paddle boarding. It was really fun.

Dennis getting us all lined out

I need to work more on my balance. In the first 20 minutes I took a step back and walked off the board. The cold water made me really work on my ankle angle to make sure I didn't get wet again.


Sadie Bjornsen said...

This looks hilarious and incredibly fun!

Tony Velasco said...

So are you at the same camp in Bend that Ivan is also training at? You two are going to tear it up at Ski to Sea, and Torin will be there flying along too!

Brian Gregg said...

We miss you down here Sadie. Looking forward to Ski to Sea. There is a good crew training here before the race Tony. Me, Ivan, Sam, Erik, Torin and a bunch of other guys that aren't doing the race. Lots of fun.