Sunday, May 9, 2010

Time to put the watch back on

I put my watch on at the beginning of the week. I now have wear it constantly. I even sleep with it. I take my morning heart rate to monitor my recovery/health, record my distance and interval training and make sure that my naps are just the right length. I have enjoyed the month of April, taking more time to 'recover' than ever before. It has served it's purpose, I feel great.

The first CXC Team Vertical Limit training camp of the 2010-2011 this season has begun. We got right after it with a VO2 Max Test on the treadmill on Day 1, Friday. (This is a running test on the treadmill where the speed increases every minute until you can't go any faster. I made it to 10mph at a 9% grade.)

Saturday we rode the RASTA (Rhinelander Area Ski Trail Association) bike race. This was a big move for me as my biking skills have plenty of room for improvement. The trails were covered with a dusting of fresh snow and overall it was slick and muddy. I felt great though and had a really good race. It is great to be back at work.

Some of the hills I had to get off my bike and run

The Cook Brothers battling it out

Great skier representation in the race: Bryan Cook, Me, Garrott Kuzzy, Karl Nygren... plus others like Steve Pribyl, Adam Swank, Chris Cook, Kenny Statz, Matt Zak...

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