Thursday, May 20, 2010

Flexing Skis

I picked up a few new pairs of 2011 Salomon skis this year while I was racing in Europe. They are awesome. Chuck, you have to try this wet klister ski.

2011 Salomons- these skis are awesome
2011 Salomons- these skis are awesome

Mark has a really slick system to flex the pockets of each ski. I mark each ski the same to help speed up the process of how best to wax them.

Mark and the Mantec

Mark and Nordic Ultratune help me manage my ski fleet each year. Mark does some of the best stone grinds in the world including many skis that were used in Vancouver in February. The Ultratune shop is a ski technicians dream and I could and do spend a lot of time in there. You can tell Mark is an engineer; everything is very organized and exact.

I spent the morning using feeler gauges to mark the kick pockets on my new skis. After fresh grinds they will be ready to go for the 2010/11 race season. It was pretty entertaining to watch the stone grinding process and how excited Mark would get when each grind came out. Each time he would bring the ski over to me to show how nice it looked, just like a proud father. Mark is way in to it and a great guy to have working with your skis.

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