Monday, March 2, 2009

SuperTour Win

Bryan Cook and I won the Freestyle Team Sprint at the Madison SuperTour. The SuperTour is the national race circuit that I follow around the country. I have had several second and third place finishes, but this was my first win on the circuit. My biggest pay day as a xc ski racer so far too.

Colin Rogers/David Chamberlain, Bryan Cook/Brian Gregg, Lars Flora/Mike Sinnot

Two-person teams contest the team sprint relay. Skiers raced a 900 meter loop on the streets of Madison, WI and tagged their partner who went off to ski the same loop. Each teamates skis the loop four times for a total of eight laps

Cook made some aggressive moves to put us in second place going into the final tag. In a good position I was able to take the lead on the final climb and keep it to the finish. We had some good luck today being seeded in a much easier semi-final. Cook and I were able to ski easy in our semi, where the teams in the other semi posted times that were just as fast as the final.

Brian, Chasing Sinnot around the 180 at the top of the course

I joined in on the 1km fun run around the capitol before the afternoon races. I thought it was going to be easy, but there were some fast young runners out there.

Colin Rogers and Brian Gregg (right) Final 100m of the Madison Super Tour

Fit City Kids is another part of the Madison Winter Festival. Besides the racing, it is my favorite part. The Bicycle Doctor brings a ton of ski equipment and youth have the opportunity to try cross-country skiing. For many of the kids this is their first time ever on skis. Many of the SuperTour athletes come to help coach and encourage the next generation in this great sport. It was a busy morning running and skiing with the kids and I lost track of time and was out skiing longer than planned. I thought I might be a little tired for the race, but I think that having fun with the kids made me race even faster in the end.

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Brian Drye said...

From one Brian to another Brian and Bryan, Congratulations!

MVSTA said...

The Methow Valley is very proud of you! Congratulations!

Brian Gregg said...

Thanks Brian and MVSTA. It all started in the Methow. I am looking forward to visiting for a few weeks in May.