Monday, March 16, 2009

Canadian Nationals 2009

This hill is part of every course and you approach this hill with a lot of speed. A lot of people have gone down on this one. I heard one racer in the Classic Distance race crashed through the fence on the right and fell down to the mud at the base of the tunnel.

Noah Hoffman, herring boning to 5th place in the 15km Classic.

Mike Sinnott getting after one of the tough hairpin corners

Icy conditions meant that I double poled allot. I was a long ways out, but this is still one of my better classic races (19th).

Reid Pletcher climbing into the stadium.

Matt Liebsch climbing the hill in the quarterfinal. Matt helped didn't race the classic distance race and helped us all with wax. Today I worked for him and the other Sun Valley skiers. We had 6 inches of snow fall before the classic sprint and then the sun came out. Klister covered.

The final race is the mass start 50km on Sunday. I am most excited about this race and feel good and ready.

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