Sunday, March 15, 2009

Family Ski Day

It is great having the family here for the Birke, but really I don't get to see them much during or even right before the race. On sunday we woke up and went for a family ski on the Seeley Trails. The trails were in excellent shape for the Klister Klassic earlier in the moring. The Klister Klassic is a revived event that was originally started by the late Garry Pennman. One of Gary's final projects was the creation of a connector trail from the Birkie trail to the Seeley trails. Sunday was the first day skiing the new trail and it was fantastic. Just skiing the trails you can see what a strong impact Garry had on cross-country skiing. There are several bridges, a large tunnel and somewhere around 20 kilometers of trail. We had a great time skiing around on the trails. Although I made the loop a bit too long and we all had a little bonk climbing back up to the car.

Brian and Mom

Mom, Dad, Hons, Brian

Sauna Time

Time to jump in the lake.
Unfortunatly we couldn't bust through the ice, but it was fun tryiing.

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