Friday, November 21, 2008

Snow Conditions in West Yellowstone

A big question on many skiers minds is what are the snow conditions? Here in West Yellowstone, MT there is some snow, but not very much. What is wrong with this picture?


Most of the snow we were skiing on in town is gone. There are some sections of the Rendezvous trails that have snow but only 500 meter sections. We did a specific strength workout on them Thursday afternoon.

CXC Women Double Pole Specific Strength

The section we were going back and forth on was pretty good, but the rest of the trail was so thin that the team ran for the cool down. Driving up the mountain a few hundred feet makes a pretty big difference.

Cook and Kuzzy up on the Plateau, Wednesday Morning

There is plenty of snow up high to ski on, but it is ungroomed so we have to ski in our own tracks.

Cook in Yellowstone National Park

Roller skiing into the park is still an option with the roads nice and dry. We saw a few herds of elk and some trumpeter swans. It looks tiny in the above photo, but the elk behind Cook was HUGE.

Today, Friday was the first day on groomed snow. Doug was up on the plateau and groomed 3-4km. The tracks were soft for both skate and classic, but when it gets a chance to set up overnight it will be great. I am planning on training on my race skis tomorrow.


Tiera Corbine said...

hi how are you doin?? and where are you at right now???

Brian Gregg said...

I am back in the United States now. I was up in Canada for two weeks for ski races.

Brian Gregg said...

Things are going great. I am visiting my family now for the holidays. It just snowed here in Washington state. Have you been skiing yet this year?