Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Real Stuff

Driving into West Yellowstone, MT there isn't very much snow to be seen. Standing at the Rendezvous Trail head there is still more brown than white. When you get into the woods, everything changes. The trails were rolled back when there was more snow and that has done an excellent job preserving the track. We arrived to town at 4pm on Saturday, just in time for a quick evening ski. It is great to be back on real skis and skiing real snow. I am one very happy skier. The trails could certainly use some more coverage and the forecast doesn't look promising. Still, for now it is sunny and beautiful.
Cook and Kuzzy skiing out from the Biathlon Range

Brian, enjoying the view on Windy Ridge and the first classic ski of the season


It was a long drive out here, but the skiing is worth it. I am glad that I had my teammates and some Swedish Fish to keep me entertained


KO said...

nice fish teeth

Brian Gregg said...

Hey Kids,

I am enjoying Montana. Is there any snow back home? Thanks for the comment Shaylena. I am staying at the entrance to Yellowstone National Park. I haven't seen any wildlife yet but I hope to see a buffalo or an elk tomorrow.