Saturday, November 15, 2008

Getting Ready for the Big Trip

The good news this week is that I am excited to hit the road and begin the race season, but the bad news is that Wednesday was my last day at the club for the next two months. I brought in my bags and had the kids guess what a ski racer takes on the road for a 2 month trip. It is fun to bring skis, boots and other gear to show and tell.

Over 40 kids gathered in the Art Room for Cross Country Skiing Show and Tell Check out those Salomon Skis
One Way Poles

A helmet is one of the most important training tools.
Josh checking out my ITA Blog so that we can stay in touch while I am on the road racing

Thanks In The Arena


Anonymous said...

hi brian is it fun were you are at brian. is it fun skiing... o yeah!! is it cold out there man cuz it seems cold on that one card you gave us...

by shaylena

Brian Gregg said...

Hello Shaylena,

The trip out to Montana went smooth. There is snow up high in the mountains but not very much. I am skiing on my rock skis. I skied for 4.5 hours today. I took a bunch of pictures and will post them here shortly. I miss you all at 'The Club'.