Sunday, July 5, 2009

What's the Best Thing About Summer

My favorite part of summer is the delicious inexpensive fruit. Growing up in Washington I became accustomed to having a big box of cherries, peaches and or nectarines around. While you can't buy a 40lbs box of nectarines for $20 from a roadside stand the grocery store has had a great selection. These are my favorite snacks by far. A good cherry, peach or nectarine is even better than candy and I have quite the sweet tooth. The great thing about fruit is that it is good for you.

The last week was a large volume week of training and I have been refueling with lots of fruit. I did enjoy my recovery day on Monday at 'The Club.' I joined the garden club for the first time. The group is working hard on a plot about a mile away. I am looking forward to some great fresh broccoli and spinach soon.

I need to do a better job of bringing my camera to a few workouts during the week. This was perhaps my favorite workout of the week. Skate Threshold Intervals 4*8min at L3 on Cty OO. Previewing next weeks time trial course. Jay from ActivEdge passed by on his way to pick strawberries and left a box on Kuzzy's truck. Awesome.
Thanks Jay for the Strawberries, what a great way to finish a workout

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