Friday, July 31, 2009

Skiing on Snow in July

The other day I only made it to 'The Club for our quick Treasure Hunt. I had to take off early though in order to catch a plane to Canada. My teammate, Matt and I are joining a group of Canadian skiers to the Haig Glacier where we can cross country ski during the summer. We are looking forward to a great volume block with eight days on snow.

Thanks to Steve for putting us up in Canmore. It is great to get to know your family. Your alligator is pretty cool too, I wish we could take him with us to go sledding on the Glacier.

Kit and Matt at the trail head ready to run in. We dropped our gear off to be flown in by Helicopter so we only had to carry water and a light jacket for the 18km run in to base camp.

The Canadian Rockies are beautiful

Matt Ready To Ski on the Haig Glacier (background)

Our home for the next week. 45 minute hike to the trails/snow.

We have a 45 minute hike to get to the snow each morning. This is a long hike to do before the real workout even starts.

Beautiful Conditions and Excellent Training.

Matt testing out this years new Salomon boots

We are skiing nice and easy up here. I have been trying to keep the heart rate low. The altitude (2700m) makes it feel really hard up here. We did some lactate testing today and I am pleased to be at 1.0mmol for 130bpm. We are looking to stay under 1.5-2mmol.

The afternoon the weather really cleared up and we enjoyed a nice run followed by a stretch on the heli pad.

Thanks John and Joel for the excellent grooming

The trail loops back and forth on the glacier for 7.5km

Prepping skis for tomorrow

This has to be the coldest water I have ever iced my legs in

John prepping the mussels for dinner.

John and Joel have been treating us really well. I have never eaten so well at a training camp. My appetite has been suppressed with the altitude but everything is so good that I have been getting enough still. It is luxurious up here with great food and warm showers. I am off to see which movie is playing tonight. Let me know how what you all are up to at 'The Club.'

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