Friday, July 24, 2009

The Minnesota Zoo

I caught the school bus with about 30 kids on Monday for the long ride to the Minnesota Zoo. I really like going to the zoo especially to watch the bears. This trip I found a bond with a new animal, Giraffes.

Giraffe's have 18 inch purple tongues

Larry and Connor feeding the Giraffes.
Thanks Corey for hooking us up with the Giraffe feeding.

Jaden and Jazzy working on their knot tying skills

Darien, Connor, Kayliegh, and Larry.

Our first stop at the zoo, my favorite exhibit Russia's Grizzly Coast. Unfortunately the long drive meant that we missed the bears morning activity so they were napping. We did make several trips back to the exhibit and were able to catch Sadie, the biggest bear, swimming in the afternoon. Last year all three bears were playing tag when we visited, check out the archives for those pictures.

"Sadie" taking a bath

The Big Pig

It was a great day at the Zoo

Oh Yeah, look for the next Treasure Hunt clue at the picnic table north of 'The Club'


Kate Whitcomb said...

Great updates Brian - just catching up on fellow ITA athletes. Killer pictures too! Is that pig real? Wow. Our Whistler camp is going well but it sure would be nice to be on snow, lucky-duck.

Brian Gregg said...

Hey Kate, Thanks for the comment. The zoo trip was awesome. The pig in that picture isn't real but I will post one of the real one I am helping raise for my brother's wedding. Looking forward to seeing you in Lake Placid