Saturday, August 13, 2016

Rio Olympics!

What a blast to attend an Opening Ceremonies party at TCF Bank stadium.  Even cooler to receive an invite based on our work with Run Club and the Boys and Girls Club.  Thank you to Comcast for supporting the Boys and Girls Club of the Twin Cities and Run Club with a $5,000 grant. The funds will be used for race entries and running shoes for the kids.
The eyes of the world are on Rio and the 2016 Summer Olympic games.  Caitlin and I even bought a television so that we could tune in to all of our favorite events.  Every athlete has a story and it is just so inspiring to learn their backgrounds and watch them perform in an event they have been focusing the last 4 years, and likely the majority of their life on.

When does the moment really set in?  For me it was as Team USA walked into the stadium for the opening ceremonies.  Sometimes you just can't help but put your hands up.  This moment in Sochi is one of my all time favorites ever.  The opportunity to hang out and share the excitement with all of Team USA before walking into the stadium together.  It is exhausting to think of the incredible support of so many who made this moment possible and I know it is the same for every athlete.

Enjoying the Opening Ceremonies on the jumbotron at TCF Bank Stadium.

Fun to finish up a fun camp with the LNR team in Utah.  My favorite part was bringing the whole crew up Mt. Timpanogas on the final day.  The first mountain for several of the athletes.
Great to be back in Minneapolis with our Run Club!  Especially since it is Nectarine season.
Jazeer learning how to fix the flat on his bike.

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