Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summertime S'mores Party

Each spring we have a big neighborhood work day to clean up the yards and get them ready and safe to play in all summer long.  Spring came a bit late to Minnesota and our clean up party was right before we headed off to Washington.  The neighborhood kids all pitched in to help clean up their yards and we promised a little s'mores party for a job well done, although we needed to wait until we were back from our spring training camp in the pacific northwest.

 "What's a s'more?" they asked... well, we got that one figured out now"

Jimmy showing off his fresh cooked s'more.  First time ever doing something like this.
We made a little urban camping trip of the evening with a nice fire, roasting marshmallows
 and ghost stories on the blanket.
Me and Melena

Monitoring my daily training
It is great to be home in Minneapolis and back to a routine.  I will not be traveling as much this summer and especially enjoyed my first true rest day last Monday with no travel and no work.  Training is going great.  I have been doing many workouts by myself as I have put a large emphasis on pacing this year.  You can tell from my splits below that I still have some work to do to be able to feel relaxed and comfortable and consistently feel and reach my goal pace. It is fun to have many mini goals within each workout.

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