Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sugar Bowl Hill Climb

Two more ski races to go in the 2012/2013 ski racing season.  The final two races include two of my favorite events.  Tomorrow we race the 'Hill Climb' up the Sugar Bowl downhill resort.  We ski about 3 km of rolling terrain before making the 1,000' climb up Mount Disney.  We go up the easiest downhill run, but it is quite steep when you are climbing up on cross country skis.

Caitlin and I looking over the edge at the top of Mt. Disney
Going down on the skinny skis is sure exciting
A few weeks ago we came out to Sugar Bowl early in the morning to preview the hill climb. We chose to use kicker skins on our classic skis. This worked really well and we had a really good workout climbing up to the top of the mountain.  We lucked out when we ran in to Kurt, one of the Sugar Bowl staff helping set up gates for the alpine skiers.  He was snowmobiling the downhill coaches and the gates to the top of the mountain.  He offered to help us out with  shuttle ride to the bottom of the mountain.  This allowed us to get down quickly so we could do our next interval.  

We skated up the course this morning and I wish that I had my kicker skins. Turns out in looking out the rules that kicker skins are not allowed.  Tomorrow will be hard race but I have always enjoyed climbing and have had some of my strongest results in this unique event.  We start based on our finishes in the previous three races and I have a lot of time to try and gain back.  

The final race of the year will be the 50 km National Championship on Thursday.  This year we race classic which I have struggled with this year, but I am excited to cap off the season with my favorite distance.

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