Monday, March 25, 2013

Canadian Nationals

Our altitude training camp in California has come to and end and it is 'game' time.  After completing my final interval workout of the year I am ready for the final 8 races of the year in the coming 2 weeks.  After training for almost 4 weeks and racing smaller races I am excited to go up against some of the big dogs.
Testing out the 2014 Salomon Skate Skis
Mulagatani has become my new favorite soup.  Coconut Milk, Lentils, Curry, Raisins, Almonds, Vegetabls... what part of that doesn't sound delicious
During our stay our hosts became pretty excited about cross country skiing.  It was great to see them take the initiative to get out and try it with a beginners lesson.  I think we have a few more downhill skiers who are now also hooked on cross country.
Loading up the car in Seattle to head north of the border.  "Yes, Mr. Border Guard we plan on skiing on all of these skis"
It has been almost a month since the team has been together.  It is fun to meet back up with our teammates.

Yesterday marked my first race of the Canadian National Championships the 10km Freestyle interval start.. I started strong and came through the midway mark in 4th place just 8 seconds off of the lead. I dropped a bit in the second lap but ended up finishing 6th.  This is a strong result for me and I am even more excited by how good I felt skiing.  I am looking forward to a lot of racing over the next few weeks.

Top 6 in the Open Male division earn $$.  ITA teammate Sylvan Ellefson took 4th and we went 1-2 fior the Americans.
 This winter I traveled out to Colorado and worked with my In The Arena teammates Sylvan Ellefson's wax technician team.  It is nice to be able to repay the favor here in Whistler as my technicians are working on Sylvan's skis.  It is good to know that even as competitors we can work together.  We want the strongest athlete to win.

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