Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nature Vs. Nurture

My fellow In The Arena Athlete Matt asked me to fill out some questions on Nature Vs. Nurture. As a twin, I have thought a lot about Nature Vs. Nurture and find the topic very interesting. Below are my responses to Matt's questions.

THE BASICS (quick stuff that i'd really like to know)
1. What is the athletic background of your parents and family?
My family shares an active outdoor lifestyle. My Mom, Dad, Sister, Twin Brother and I enjoy running, skiing, biking, soccer, climbing and most anything that can be done outside. The entire family competed in many of the local events and races.

2. When did you begin participating in your sport?
I grew up cross-country skiing. I have seen video of my brother and I wrestling in the back yard with skis on our feet and I am pretty sure we had just learned to walk.

THE EXTRAS (if you have time)
1. What was your early experiences with sport like?
I have always enjoying playing outdoors and would consider myself naturally talented in most athletic endeavors. Unless you count being able to shoot a basketball. One thing that I really liked was that I was faster than many of my peers.

2. How instrumental were parents and coaches in the early part of your development as an athlete?
My parent's did a great job encouraging me to do sports and outdoor activities while not pushing it on me. When I was young my coaches emphasized having fun, working hard and sportsmanship. My coaches set the foundation for a life long enjoyment of sport.

3. How were you introduced to your sport and how many other sports did you seriously participate in?
I joined the Methow Valley Nordic Team when I was in 5th grade and skied 3-days a week. I also played soccer, basketball, hockey and baseball. In high school my main focus was skiing and I trained 6 days/week, however I also ran cross-country and played soccer.

4. Is your success a product of nature or nurture?
A bit of both. I think I got some good genes from my parents but they also provided the perfect enviornment for me to improve athletically. My hometown in Washington is the second largest cross country ski resort in the United States. Additionally, my coaches are or had been highly competitive ski racers. Surrounded by great skiiers and an awesome skiing community it was hard not to develop into a good skier.

5. Are you an expert in your field? (by your own definition)
Yes, but I continue to learn more about cross country skiing everyday.

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