Wednesday, February 4, 2009

CXC goes 1st and 5-8th in Home SuperTour

Bryan Cook led the CXC men's team to one of their strongest classic performances. Cook won by 15 seconds over Lars Flora (Saab/Salomon), David Chamberlain and Leif Zimmerman. The CXC train arrived next with Watt, Kuzzy, Myself, and Liebsch taking 5th-8th and seperated by only 8 seconds. Gus, who is on the rebound after compartment syndrome surgery this fall finished a strong 16th. As a team we are generally stronger in skating so it is great to see that our classic skiing is improving.

Thanks to Kelly Randolph for taking all the great photos...

Cook kicking his way to the SuperTour win

Martin Banerud and Bryan Cook

So... This corner has some interesting shots. These photos are all from the classic race. It is important to ski the corners hard, and to take the best line when needed. I was shown a picture of myself looking a bit like Bill Koch in the 80s but I certainly wasn't the only one skiing aggressive on the course.




I seem to have misplaced the cd with photos from the women's race, but they skied well too. The ladies were all top 10 with JoJo 4th, Kristina 8th, and Maria 9th. A real solid day on the home course for CXC.

Men's and Women's Classic Results


Anonymous said...

HI brian when are you coming back to the club you don't have not 1 pic of me or trinity or megan of keshawna and thats all =( =).

by shaylena

Brian Gregg said...

Hi Shaylena.

I will be back at the club in mid April. I just finished my last race of the season in Fairbanks, AK. Currently I am taking a little vacation. I am looking forward to seeing you all soon. What have you been up to?