Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dagwaagig Run Series Final Day

It was a cold day on Wednesday but that didn't stop over 40 kids, parents, and community members from running or walking the final event of the Dagwaagig (Fall) Run Series. The 6 week run series has offered a 1 and 2 mile option for participants, but this last week everyone completed 2 miles. The final day was celebrated with a feast and awards in the gymnasium. Runners who participated in at least 4 of the runs received either a sweatshirt or tshirt. Few things feel better after a nice run than the soft fuzzy fabric of a new sweatshirt. The weather is getting cooler and it is time to dress a bit warmer if we are going to go play outside. It won't be long before we are making ski tracks and enjoying the Club's outdoor ice rink.

Jazzy and I practicing our form and getting ready to run fast

Hailey, Paige, Sam and I enjoying an after-school snack and working on home work

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