Friday, October 10, 2008

Canoeing and Movie Fridays

At the end of August I went on my first real canoe trip. I joined a few friends and went to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area for four days. I had canoed a few times before, but the trip was the first time I realized how great canoeing is in the Midwest. There are so many lakes to explore.

Fridays are canoe and movie night at the Boys and Girls Club. Canoeing has really been a popular activity. When I joined the kids the van was full and we filled all 8 canoes with 3 people in each.

Shaylina captaining and steering the boat. We were the crazy boat for a while traveling in zig-zags but once she got the hang of it we navigated flawlessly.

Leon and I looking for wildlife on Green Lake.
We saw two bald eagles, a turtle, and several beaver lodges.

It is pretty late in the year for lilly pad flowers, but this one was hanging tough.
Green Lake was a lot of fun.

We are all looking forward to exploring a new lake this Friday. I have the Flip Video camera working now so hopefully we will get some good clips. It is starting to get cold out so hopefully no one tips a canoe.


Christopher said...

Brian - looks like you and the gang had a great time at boundry waters. Not sure if you guys own or rent canoes but I give discounts on the sale of new canoes to not-for profits with a mission! The website can be found at

Brian Gregg said...

Hello Chris,
I just now saw your comment. I now have the site set up to e-mail me when comments are posted so that I don't miss any. Thanks for the note about canoes. I would really like to take a trip with the kids up there.