Sunday, October 18, 2015

Community Time and Camp Time

As a professional ski racer I spend a lot of time racing, usually around 40 races each year. 
Sometimes it is nice to mix it up and volunteer at a race and support others.  I saw a post on Facebook that one of the big ski clubs in the cites Endurance United need some additional help for the Night Light Run.  The event is unique in that it starts at dusk and minutes in to the race it is dark.  Runners race with headlamps and glow sticks.  It is pretty fun to see their lights bobbing through the woods on the 5 km, 10 km, 3 x 5 km and half marathon course.  I only had a few hour shift for the race, but it is always a good reminder to see how much goes in to putting on a quality event.  A huge thank you to the many race volunteers out there.  I love racing and it would not be possible with out great race organizers and volunteers.

Endurance United 5 km Night Light Trail Run Start
Endurance United had a busy weekend with the race on Friday and a point to point 55 km community ski on Sunday.  The route followed bike paths from St. Paul to Elm Creek Park in the north west metro.  I have wanted to do this route for sometime and the chance to do it with over 70 other skiers was too good to pass up.  Endurance United hosted the event for free, with a donation for the bus transport.  They also set up aid stations along the course.

Over 70 rollerskiers at the start of the 55km ski
One of the things that I love about the Twin Cities is the number of people that roller ski.  We had skiers of all ages and abilities getting excited and fit for this coming winter.

A beautiful day on the bike paths

Hard to believe that temperatures reached over 80 in mid October
After a lower volume week at home in Minneapolis, I am now back in Park City, UT with the US Ski Team for my final training camp of the year.  We are again living at 8200 feet, but having come back and forth throughout the summer we have found that we have acclimatized quickly.  Although my oxygen saturation dipped to the high 80s upon arrival, I am already back up to 94 %.  More importantly than those numbers, I have been feeling good in workouts.

Climbing up the American Fork on a 3 hour distance ski with Olympians Erik Bjornsen and Simi Hamilton
Coach Tom is out here in Utah with us too.  This is our first camp with all of us together. It is fantastic to have a dedicated support person to find the highest quality in each workout.  Tom's technique cues have been a huge help.

Caitlin at the top of the pass

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