Sunday, August 9, 2015

Truckee Training Camp

In the summer of 2013 Caitlin and I came out to Truckee, CA for a training camp, Uncle Kelly and Fran's wedding and a Compton family reunion.  We had a great time, trained well and went on to a great ski season including making the 2014 Olympic Team.  Last year, only Caitlin came out to Truckee for a training camp and well, she had a great year last year with the bronze at World Championships.  This year we both made the Truckee camp a priority.

Team Madshus on our first training day in Truckee: Me, Caitlin and Welly Ramsey
Truckee, California is a beautiful area; however what makes this camp special is the support from Kelly and Fran.  Not only do Fran and Kelly host us at their house but they come out to help with many of our workouts.  Coach Kelly took a ton of video for us and the two of them really help us pursue the excellence that we are looking for. 

A lot of energy in this group: Caitlin, Kelly and Fran 
Truckee is home to a number of great training groups too.  We had fun connecting with the Sugar Bowl Academy, Auburn Ski Club and Unleashed crews for some workouts.
Running the Tahoe Rim Trail, hard to believe we just ran 19 miles

Harvesting watermelon with only a spoon and a set of car keys
The Olympic Rings at Squaw Mountain Resort
These last 2 weeks concluded a 4 week block of over 90 hours at altitude.  Although I have trained similar volumes in the past, this round has included a heavy focus on recovery and the absorption of the training.  I didn't feel like I started the training season in May with a lot of fitness but I can feel everything coming together now.   I enjoyed two running races here in Truckee, CA and am pleased to have cut nearly a minute and a half from my time on the Squaw Mountain Run.  

Coming in to the home stretch during the Drifter Time Trial. 
A few days after the Squaw Mountain run we joined the local training groups for the Drifter Time Trial.  A 2 km uphill running time trial that has accurate times going back over 20 years.  Patrick Johnson has the course record at 10:06 and I started with the goal of breaking 10 minutes.  I will need to come back though as I finished in 10:10.  In addition to Patrick's record I am kept humble by Noah Hoffman's junior record of 10:07.

The rollers skiing in Truckee is decent, but the running is fantastic!

Finishing off a great block of training with one of my favorite runs ever.  Donner Summit to Squaw Mountain Resort on the PCT.

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