Sunday, September 7, 2014

Run Club: Heart of the City 5km

Running laps at Run Club practice at The Club
Minneapolis schools are back in session and the Club opened up on Tuesday for our Fall hours.  Providing a positive and supervised after school option for over 100 kids on any given day.  On Mondays and select Wednesdays and Fridays the Run Club meets and we run laps around the park in front of the Club.  We are in the heart of Minneapolis so our safe running options as a large group of kids are limited.  We have a 1/3 mile course and each lap earns runners a Popsicle stick.  The Popsicle sticks are turned in to earn squares on our mileage board in the Club.  We have been running all summer in anticipation of the Heart of the City 5km Race in Burnsville, MN.  The race is also a fundraiser for Kids Feeding Kids the program that helps provide snack and dinner for the kids at the Club every day as part of their annual $5 Club Membership.

Adrian, our top finisher from the Boys and Girls Club in the final kilometer of Saturdays 5km Race
The horn for the race start went off at 7:35am which is an early start.  In order to makes sure that we were all able to make the early start we decided to have a lock in at the Boys and Girls Club the night before.  I am starting to wonder it that was the best move athletically for us all, but I can tell you every one was trying to prove that they were having the most fun.  We had a blast, and I know that I wasn't the only one who fell asleep before the light was even out on Saturday night (post race)

Dyterious and his running buddy Erik.  Dyterious' favorite activity at the Boys and Girls Club is Run Club

Each kid is paired with a buddy to run the race.  This is the second year that the Run Club has been a part of this event and it is great to see almost all of the volunteer buddies back to help again this year.  Thank you.   The kids really enjoy the one on one time, plus it allows me to race as well which is fun. 

My focus is on the kids for this event, and this year that meant my warm up was a short pre-breakfast, pre-kid jog and blasting the heat in the van on the drive down.  I worked in to the race and thankfully finished injury free and with the win.  I ran 16:47 which is about a minute off of my 5 km pr from July but only 23 seconds slower than my time on the same course last year.   

Lebron and his buddy Joe

Danielle running with Tony and Tonishea

Me and Tonishea post race

Kamari and her older Sister Khallya
Khallya ran the 5 km race last year and couldn't wait to come back.  Her younger sister, Kamari, just 6 years old really wanted to come to.  5 km is a long way for a 6 year old and we were very proud of her for finishing her first 5 km.

Post race celebration at Grand Slam
A big thank you to the owners of Grand Slam who for the second year in a row hosted all of us for a post race celebration.  The kids were tired after what seemed like pretty much an all nighter at the Boys and Girls Club and then running a 5 km race.  Something about bumper cars, laser tag, mini golf, batting cages and games to make you forget about your sore and tired legs.

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