Sunday, July 1, 2012


I have had an extended Spring this year enjoying cool weather for my training camp out in Washington State.  The thermometer read 38F when I woke up to head to the airport, with 104F outside in Denver during my layover it became obvious that the heat of summer is now on.

Enjoying a final run in the Mountains before coming home to Minnesota.
 Minneapolis welcomed me back with some wonderful 80F days.  After so many cool days I enjoyed the heat of the sun and we spent most of the day outside at the Boys and Girls Club.

Staying cool in the Gym at the Boys and Girls Club.
 We had a great game of basketball at the Club this week.  With the warm temperatures we had an unusually small group.  We played 5 on 5 with ten year olds, tweens (11-12), and teens.  Often times it is hard for the younger players to get much ball time.  Xavier impressed us all by sinking all most ever three he shot.  Pretty cool for a kid who is less than four feet tall.

Guest Coaching with the advanced crew of the City of Lakes Loppett Nordic Ski  Club.
Muscular Endurance Intervals with 15lbs extra weight

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