Friday, March 25, 2011

Final Week of Racing

Skis are clean and with the coaches, dinner is prepped, clothes are hung to dry and everything is ready for the final week of racing in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Enjoying a beautiful day at Baker Park

After the North Star Super Tour in California was cancelled Caitlin and I decided to stay and train in Minneapolis. Although this would shorten are acclimitization period at altitude we could be at home, train in familiar locations and save some cash.

While many are complaining about all the snow, it is great for skiing. Caitlin and I visited the 5th grade at Sunset Hill Elementary. There are 4 classes of 20 and we got to go skiing with two of them. I am very impressed with how good the kids are especially in the soft snow. Many were first timers or had very little experience but they were cruising. We had some fun relays and balance contests. I am so bummed that I had left the memory card for the camera at the apartment.

Training for Sun... Caitlin, Matt, and Garrott

It has been 3 weeks since my last race and it has been great to get in some solid training and recovery. I miss racing and am excited to toe the line tomorrow in the 50k.

Oh yeah, Caitlin and I have been staying busy during our taper. We put a bid in on a house on Sunday before flying to Sun Valley. As soon as we have the purchase agreement signed we will post some pictures and information. It is sweet: small, near the ski trail, and only 25k... that is cheaper than rent.

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