Friday, March 12, 2010

First Time to Norway

Norwegians are very proud.  For years I have been told how great the bread is in Norway.  My friend and college roommate Kjetil would try hundreds of loaves of bread but never found any to his satisfaction.  This morning I understood why, the bread here is awesome.  Kuzzy and I have made some pretty awesome loaves at home in Wisconsin, but the bread here is unreal.

It is a good thing that I am racing a 50km this weekend.  The bread/crackers and Gjetost (Norwegian Brown Cheese) is really good.

We are staying in a very nice hotel.  I am trying not to think about how expensive it is ($220/night?).   As the leader of the SuperTour on (Feb 1) much of my expenses are covered by FIS although there are a days that I am responsible for.  This high expense lifestyle is not a norm for me but I am trying to just enjoy it and focus on what I need to do to race fast.

The hotel is called the Soria Moria and is really cool.  We are just above the Hollmenkollen Ski Jump and race trails.  The weather has been beautiful and I can view the entire city from my bedroom window.

Soria Moria Hotel with Hollmenkollen Jump

The Hollmenkollen ski jump and trails have been redone and are brand new.  They actually just opened about a week ago.  I have heard that the project cost over $300 Million.  Pretty amazing investment in ski trails.  World Championships here in 2011 will be amazing.

These guys were walking around the course raking rocks out of the trail.  Committed volunteers?  (The snow was natural and clean to start with)

I spent the morning getting this blog up and rolling.  Updates are easy and I will take my camera skiing with me this afternoon.

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