Sunday, November 8, 2009

Excited to give Slacklining a try?

Kiera, ready to give it a go

Balance is an important part of any sport, especially in cross country skiing when you are gliding on one ski. Slack lining is one of my favorite balance training exercises. Similar to tightrope walking climbers started this sport of walking on climbing webbing. The webbing is flat so your foot doesn't roll off and the line has a bit of give to it similar to a trampoline.

Delila making the 20 foot gap. The world record is over 200m.

Ross and Jolyn supporting Koons. He is pretty close to being able to cross unassisted

Shanna without much help

We had a large group today, so we didn't spend too much time on the line. Everyone did get a try and be assured that the line will be back. We took advantage of the warmer weather for an epic game of Hide-and-go-seek throughout the Pow Wow Grounds.

As our balance improves, youTube provides a few ideas for some tricks we can work at mastering.

Check out this video on how to set up your own slackline:

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