Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mt. Triumph: Climbing with the Boys

It might be obvious that I love cross country skiing and playing tag on the playground because I do those things a lot. One of my less known passions is climbing. When I was in Junior High I used to climb 1-3 hours every day. I have drifted away from climbing recently so it was a real treat to join my best friends and climb Mt. Triumph in Washington State's North Cascades. It was my first time on rock for the year and just my second real climb in four years. For me a trip into the mountains is very refreshing and a great way for me to recharge.

Me in front of Mt. Triumph. Our route followed the North East Ridge (above right)

It is hard to tell, but I am standing on a big patch of snow which is shaded my a mountain. I have now been 'on snow' every month of the year so far.

Thornton Lake with Mt. Triumph peeking out from behind the Col directly above the lake

The climb took us a really long time, unfortunatly the view from the top was from inside a cloud

Chad and Hons halfway up the ridge with the spectacular Picket Range behind them. The Pickets are considered one of the most remote mountains in the lower 48.

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