Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bend On-Snow Camp

Bend, Oregon is the place to be right now. The weather is beautiful, the snow is plentiful and the training has been fantastic. I am taking advantage of the USST organizing grooming and training with the Methow Olympic Development (MOD) Team. This is one of the most valuable camps that I have been a part of and I am very thankful to be a guest of my hometown team. The last month has been a busy one and I regret that I have not posted and photos or updates of my adventures. More on that later. Today I enjoyed a fun crust ski with the Wenatchee girls.

Kristina and Laura scouting out a good route

The USST had a rest day today so the trails weren't groomed, but the crust was great.

Laura, Brian, and Kristina: We have been skiing in Bend together since we were J3s

I must admit that this was the first ski I have been on where we had to stop so that members of the party could gather moss so they could be 'Trolls' as we skied back to the car. The entire week has been very focused so it was fun to take the morning and enjoy skiing on the crust. It is hard to beat flying down a natural half pipe on a beautiful spring day.

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