Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring at 'The Club'

It is great to be back in Hayward, WI. I have spent the better parts of the last two months traveling, racing, training, and relaxing in Ontario, Alaska, and Hawaii. My first afternoon at the 'Club' we went on a hike. It felt really strange that the last time I was at the Club we skied on the same trails.

Training just once a day has been great, allowing me to be at 'The Club' everyday of the week. There were many times I wish I had my camera but didn't.

Double Decker Swinging

Shana, Bernice, Hilayna at the Spring Book Fair

Twister. The kids have way better flexibility that I do.

It's OK to yell on this Bus

Getting excited for the Run Series

Ready, Set, Go

A number of us chose to run the 2-mile. Congratulations: Trinity, Shaylena, Asile, Nimmer, Joey and the others

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